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    Review of STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL by Karen Leabo, August 2005

    Strictly Confidential cover Lauren Fitzhugh learned her lesson when Mick Hanover took her virginity, promised to love her forever, and then married someone else. She's building her store window design business and getting along nicely. The last thing she expects, the last thing she wants, is for Mick to reappear in her life. Still, having a chance to design the windows to a fully rennovated Hanover-Becks Department Store is a career-making assignment. For that, she'll pay any price, even if it means spending time with the man she's promised never to mention again--and never really fallen out of love with.

    Mick Hanover knows he made a mistake with Lauren years earlier--but he's free now, and free to pursue the attraction he recognizes that both he and Lauren share. He's intent on winning her over--but as before, complications make this tough. For one thing, his ex-wife drops off his child as she jets down to Mexico for a honeymoon with her new husband. For another, Lauren does her best to resist his charm offensive--although she just can't turn down a chocolate eclair. favorite author Karen Leabo (see more reviews of novels by Leabo) (who also writes as Kara Lennox) offers up a charming and sexy romance. The family angst--and Mick's decision to give up his child--adds an emotional wallop that can't help pull on the reader's heartstrings. Watching Mick and Lauren grow as they learn to reconcile themselves to a past they cannot change, and dare to take chances with their hearts again, is potent stuff.

    For me, the details of Lauren's window design work were an added bonus--who knew this could be such an interesting line of work.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/05/05

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    Want more? Melissa, at Joyfully Reviewed, says "I truly enjoyed Strictly Confidential... Strictly Confidential is a romance that will leave you with a smile." Read the entire review here

    Trang at says "Strictly Confidential is a wonderful, sweet romance.... As their feelings and the romance builds between them again, you get a glimpse of these two that I found to be so realistic.they each had strengths and weaknesses that made them seem like your friends. You'll be rooting for them, hoping that they'll be able to work things out." Thanks, Trang. Read the entire review here.

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