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    Review of TYGERS by Brenna Lyons (see her website)

    eXtasy Books, 2004

    For twenty-seven years, Katheryn O'Hanlon has lived with fragmented memories of the time her grandfather tried to murder her--and was himself killed. Ty is dead--everyone knows that, but the damage he does lives on. And now, Katheryn's young nephew, Kyle's favorite tiger has a name--Ty. Surely there couldn't be a connection. When people around Kyle start to die--apparently mauled by tigers, Katheryn cannot deny a connection--but how could a dead man kill?

    Katheryn has had lovers, but she's taken no one seriously--not since she was betrayed by her high school sweetheart. Now a Doctor, Keith Randall has never really gotten over Katheryn--but she's avoided him for years. Kyle's episodes--episodes that might be some sort of epileptic or might be something quite different--bring them together when Keith tries to determine the cause--and learns that Katheryn has the clues.

    Spending time together rekindles the sexual tension that has always flowed between them--even when Katheryn was certain Keith had betrayed her. Still, passion, hot sex, and even dreaming of happily ever after aren't enough to do the job. There is a tiger on the loose--the fact that this tiger happens to be a non-physical one doesn't really matter because the tiger is definitely real.

    Author Brenna Lyons combines paranormal action with super-steamy romance and high-quality writing to deliver a first-class treat. Tygers hooks the reader with psychic action and gradually introduces the sensual romance in a skillful blending of the two. I found myself caring for Kyle almost as much as for the two major protagonists.

    Keith and Katheryn have to overcome their trust issues, find a way to strengthen the bond between them to the point where it can overcome even the most devastating psychic attack, and somehow deal with ancient issues that have left Katheryn afraid to deal with heights, with bridges, and with trusting any man.

    If you enjoy a sexy thriller, you'll definitely want to check out TYGERS.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/26/05

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