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    Review of IN THE WEREWOLF'S DEN by Rob Preece (see his website), September 2005

    In the Werewolf's Den cover Danielle Goodman has been top of her class in the Warder Academy and thinks she deserves to pick her own job--vampire hunter. But when her mentor drafts her to ride herd on a lowly werewolf, Danielle can't turn him down--she owes Joe Smealy too much. And the werewolf might be important--before he was transformed, he was a famous scientist. Dr. Carl Harriman just might be the individual who can beat the disease that has struck ten percent of America's population and turned them into vampires, werewolves, elves, trolls, and other once-mythical and magical races. Danielle's mission--to make sure Harriman is working for the government and hasn't gone rogue. But to do so, she must move with Harriman into the 'zone.'

    As Danielle spends time with Harriman, they both begin to realize that some of the certainties they built their lives upon are lies. Danielle believes this argues even more convincingly for Karl to finish his cure--to end the magic plague. But Karl begins to appreciate his werewolf side--and realizes that the magical don't want to return to the drab life of the 'normals.' Despite a growing attraction between the two of them, they seem doomed to battle one another--especially when Joe Smealy learns that Karl has isolated the virus that could cause a new outbreak of the magic plague--among the normals. favorite author Rob Preece (see more reviews of novels by Preece) delivers another sexy romantic thriller. IN THE WEREWOLF'S DEN is a full lenght novel set in the world of his 'Tactical Error' short story (which you can read for Free here). Preece combines elements of dark fantasy, a light dash of humor, a strong sense of place in a near-future Dallas, and a very different look at the role of magical and non-magical in an urban fantasy.

    Whether you're a long-time fan, or new to Preece's work, you won't want to miss this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/03/05

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    Still not sure? Sheryl at Ecata Romance says "In the Werewolf's Den is a wonderfully captivating story that seems to attach itself to your soul and give your imagination a workout." 5 Stars! Thanks, Sheryl. You can read the entire review here .

    Sherry at Coffee Time Romance calls it "a new twist of magic." See Sherry's review at Coffee Time Romance (4 Cups)

    NovelSpot says 'not your typical werewolf story. "Mr. Preece really knows how to build excitement...a different peak into the world of the paranormal...a great job." Rating of 9. Check it out here.

    Phoenix at Realms of Love says "In the Werewolf's Den kept my heart pounding the whole time. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the day, because I could not "put it down", or even bring myself to walk away from it very long. I wanted to know what happened next, how it ended. The plot and the characters are great and wonderful, the mix between reality and fantasy was perfect, and a mix of humans and magic that was done flawlessly. I would recommend "In the Werewolf’s Den" to anybody, everybody."

    Sara Sawyer of The Romance Studio says it's "Definitely a must read!" and gave it 4.5 hearts. Check it out here.

    Jody Wallace at says "It kept me up several enjoyable nights, and I’m a picky reader...The worldbuilding isn’t onerous or infodumpy, and the heroine is sort of like early Anita Blake before she caught Mad Homping Disease. The novel has an overall post-apocalyptic feel, which is unique in the field of romance. The action is well choreographed and convincing, and the growth of the relationship proceeds at a believable pace." Read the complete review here. (Thanks, Jody.)

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