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    Review of HOT IN HERE by Susan Lyons

    Kensington Aphrodisia, August 2006

    Who says a girl can't mix a little fun with her work? So, when reporter Jenny Yuen gets a chance to write a story about the sexy fireman strip-off for a position in the fireman calendar (featuring scantilly clad firefighters), she grabs it. But firefighter Scott Jackman blows her away. Who would have guessed a tap-dancing strip could be so sexy. Jenny hasn't gotten where she is by letting others run over her, so she pushes her way into an interview with the fireman--an interview that is every bit as steamy as her imagination allows.

    Jenny and Jackman hit it off instantly, but Jenny knows there can be no future here. As a Chinese-Canadian, she'll never be able to break with tradition and actually date a European-Canadian. She proposes the fantasy rules--she and Scott will take turns coming up with fantasies--and it'll be up to the other to help them act them out. Of course, every one of those fantasies will lead to fantastic sex. In the meantime, Jenny comes up with an answer to the problem of parental pressure--finding the perfect Chinese-Canadian to date.

    Jenny and her three best girlfriends meet each Monday to discuss their lives and adventures. Until now, Suzanne has been queen of the stories but now Jenny can blow her friends away--except her friends start asking difficult questions. Questions like, is it really all right to lie to her parents? And worse, will Scott Jackman really put up with the fantasy rules forever--and what will Jenny do when he wants something more. Because one thing is certain--now that Scott has had a taste of Jenny, he definitely wants more.

    Author Susan Lyons (see more reviews of novels by Lyons) continues her charming series with a novel that probes issues of prejudice and family at the same time as it delivers a super-sexy storyline. Jenny must first deal with her own prejudices--doubts that a blue-collar firefighter could possibly be anything more than a sex object for her. As she sees Scott for who he is, learns of his drive, his pain when he and his fellow firefighters cannot save everyone, and spends time with him, she begins to see that she must change her own life as well. Although Scott has a smaller character arc, he too grows through the story to become fully worthy of Jenny.

    Lyons uses the device of four friends for far more than setting up a chance to tell stories. With their different backgrounds and personalities, the four women can serve as both sympathetic sounding boards and a sort of collective conscience.

    If you're looking for something super-hot, but want a bit of substance as well, you won't go wrong with HOT IN HERE.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/31/06

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