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    Review of NIGHT SHADOWS by Shirley Martin (see her website)

    New Concepts Publishing, January 2006

    Fleeing from her stepfather and the man he intends her to marry, Fianna decides to head to the capital city, Moytura. Taking refuge in a cave after she's been robbed, she meets a mysterious and handsome man--a man who appears to live in the cave even though he's obviously rich and well-dressed. Gaderian Wade sends shivers down her spine in the way her proposed fiance never could. But she knows there's no future for the two of them. Without money, she can only hope to remain undetected, to find a job as a servant, and to avoid being captured by her step-father and the man he intended she marry.

    In Moytura, Fianna is unable to find any job--except that of a scryer in a bar--the very bar frequented by the mysterious Gaderian.

    Gaderian, a vampire, is troubled by the impact a mere human woman has on him. But he has other things, more important things, to worry about. The evil bandrega, a form of demons, have learned to take the form of humans and have begun killing humans--making it look as if the vampires were the killers. By driving a wedge between the vampires and the humans they protect, the bandrega plan to gain rule of the world. And the worthless vampire leader has done nothing to stop them. Still, when he sees Fianna working in the tavern, Gaderian realizes the temptation he felt cannot be averted. He's met a woman who moves him deeply.

    Fianna and Gaderian plunge into danger as the bandrega continue their plots--and an evil half-vampire/half-bandrega attempts to seduce Fianna into his control. Ultimately, Gaderian must learn that the human love he's avoided for so long--ever since his abandonment by the girl he thought he loved before he became a vampire--is the only thing that can save him.

    Author Shirley Martin combines spicy romantic tension with a fairy-tale-style world in a fast-moving romantic adventure. Elegant and handsome Gaderian is the type of hero every vampire-loving reader will enjoy. Fianna remains spunky, refusing to be rescued and insisting that she can protect herself--and that she can contribute to the coming battle between vampire and bandrega.

    I did find the final solution to the bandrega issue, involving as it did not only the oppressive males of the species but also their females who had been systematically oppressed by the males, and the young children to be a little disturbing. It did, however, serve to help Fianna grow and prove that she could be a worthy mate to the powerful Gaderian.

    If you're looking for sexy vampire action, you won't go wrong with NIGHT SHADOWS.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 3/01/06

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