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    Review of PROJECT DADDY Kate Perry (see her website)

    Zebra, May 2006

    "Do you have any social diseases?" Research director Katherine Murphy is on a quest--to find a sperm doner for her thirty-something boss who's decided she needs to have baby--and wants to get pregnant right away. Introverted Katherine (Kat) has a problem, though, just walking up to a guy and propositioning him--hence her odd line of questioning. She finally turns to her best friend, Luc, for help. In the meantime, she tries to dodge her strange neighbor, Rainbow, and repeatedly pays off her father's gambling debts despite the fact that each payment further delays her dream of buying a house and having a real home for the first time since her mother died.

    Luc is a big help, dragging Kat out to art galleries, the laundromat, and night clubs where she can meet just the right guys for her boss's very detailed list. Kat actually manages to gather a list of candidates. But when she starts calling to arrange the actual meetings, she finds a surprising reaction--the guys wanted her, not the boss. With no prospects and her boss on the line, Kat asks Luc for one more favor--will he stand in for one date while she looks for Mr. Right for her boss. Only when she sees Luc and her boss flirting and having fun does Kat realize that Luc might not just be her best friend--he might be Mr. Right--for her.

    What do you do, though, when you've stepped over the line, asked too much from friendship? Kat has to come to terms with who she is and what she really wants. Unfortunately, by the time she realizes what she wants, it appears that she's lost both her best friend and her job.

    Author Kate Perry gives the matchmaking assignment hook a fun twist in her breezy tale of friendship, family, and love. Kat already has the perfect guy for her, but can't see it until she's risked her future relationship. Her horrible boss has had a similar experience--but lost her perfect guy and just might latch on to Kat's as a replacement. The growing secondary relationship between Kat and her neighbor Rainbow adds texture to a fun story while Kat's relationship with her father explains much of the difficulty she's had in accepting Luc, and serves as a gauge for her emotional progress.

    PROJECT DADDY was a fast-paced story and a lot of fun. I recommend this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/26/06

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