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    Review of REAL WOMEN DON'T WEAR SIZE 2 by Kelley St. John (see her website)

    Warner Forever, September 2006

    He's been her best friend as well as her boss, but Clarise Robinson has decided to step that up. She's going to switch from professional to sexy, shimmy her assets, and grab sexy Ethan Eubanks's attention while they're at the company retreat during the famous Gasparilla Pirate festival. Clarise might be a little self-conscious about her weight, but she has full confidence in her shimmy--and her assets. They aren't named the Robinson Treasures for nothing. To make sure everything goes off according to plan, Clarise abandons the classy department store where she works to shop for pure sexy--and comes up with a list of everything she's always wanted to do--with Ethan.

    Ethan Eubanks had begun to think he'd never find the woman he could settle down with. But when he sees his best friend Clarise at the Christmas party in her hot red dress, he realizes she's been there all along. Now all he needs to do is convince her. When she insists on no commitment, he's willing to go along--but only because going along with her plan, with her list, will give him a chance to persuade her otherwise. Of course, Clarise's list does include all sorts of items that he fully approves of--starting with sex under the bleachers, sex with the lights on, sex on the beach, sex... yeah, he can get into that plan.

    Things are looking good for their relationship possibilities--except that Ethan has managed not to mention one little secret, a secret that just might ruin everything.

    Author Kelley St. John (see more reviews of romance by St. John) turns up the heat in a funny but sizzling story. Clarise is fun to watch as she abandons her inhibitions and decides to go for it all--even if it's only for a week. Watching her embrace her curves, just as she's helped many department store shoppers learn to accentuate the positives adds to the feel-good power of the story. Ethan is a classic hero--rich, powerful, and good looking, he's definitely the guy for Clarise, if only he can recognize it, and if only his secret doesn't get in the way.

    REAL WOMEN DON'T WEAR SIZE 2 is a fun read that's so hot, it just might make you switch on the air conditioner. I'm happy to recommend this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/05/06

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