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    Review of THE SCHEHERAZADE AUDIT by John Woodwark (see his website)

    In Association with, 2005/2006

    Scheherazade Audit cover Accounting may not be the world's most romantic occupation, but Sherri is good at it. It isn't a complete surprise, then, when a foreign company asks for an audit and specifically requests that Sherri be a part of the team. She and Donald (who has a crush on her--a crush she doesn't return) head to a North-African country to do an audit that really doesn't seem that critical. The audit, though, turns out to be a red herring and Sherri is kidnapped into a sheik's harem. And that's where the trouble really begins.

    While Donald stews back in London, certain that Sherri didn't simply walk away from the job but unable to convince anyone of her loyalty to the firm of Sacks and Angell, Sherri is passed from the trunk of a car, to a camel, to a distant fortress in a desert oaisis. A second woman, Almira, is kidnapped along with her. To Sherri's surprising annoyance, Almira is more beautiful than she. It's bad enough to be kidnapped into a harem. It would be worse to be kidnapped and then ignored.

    The harem itself is full of surprises. For one thing, there's the current residents--wifes and girlfriends of the former sheik. Led by ex-Kansas native Mary-Lou, the harem is anxious for a change and entertainment. A rivalry between the two younger woman seems like just the thing. Then there's the crowd of aging eunuchs responsible for the day-to-day management of the fortress. All very complicated. All quite expensive, too--which finally explains exactly why the newly elevated sheik (Harry) has decided he needs an accountant. And why he couldn't admit that he needed that accountant.

    Author John Woodwark combines romance with sly humor in a story that had me laughing out loud. Sherri's drab office environment and the politics of an accounting office ring true. The depiction of the aging harem is precious. The rivalry between Sherri and Almira brings up convincing truths about humanity, and the evolving relationship between Sherri and Harry is charming.

    THE SCHEHERAZADE AUDIT is not a typical romance. With its occasional author-narrator asides, its dope-smoking head of the harem, its aging crew of eunuchs, and its fast-paced story-telling, it's a sort of combination of the Arabian Nights and slapstick, AUDIT is something of the post-modern novel--but in a very good way. Bottom line, it's a lot of fun.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/14/06

    THE SCHEHERAZADE AUDIT is no longer available as a free download. We'll keep you posted on its availability in the future.

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