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    Review of UNDER DEEPEST COVER by Kara Lennox (see her website)


    Silhouette Desire #1735, July 2006

    When she discovers something crooked at the bank where she works, Lucy Miller tries to do the right thing and contacts the FBI. But her case is handed over to a super-secret agency and she's given her instructions by phone--from a sexy-voiced man code-named Cassanova. Sure Cassanova sounds sexy, but Lucy figures that's just the spy agency's voice scrambling at work--until she spots a hitman and demands protection.

    Agent Bryan Elliot knows that there's more to the bank fraud than someone scamming a few dollars. Someone is funding terrorists. And Lucy has been his major source of information. With all of the layers of security in his organization, there's no way that anything could have leaked and he wants to doubt her frantic call, but when he discovers that her apartment has been bugged--and not by him, he knows that she's in danger. The only solution is to take her away--even if that means risking is own cover--and his job as owner and manager of one of New York's most successful restaurants.

    For Lucy, the next few days are a dream. To help her hide, Bryan calls on his cousin Scarlet, who create a transformation--Lucy goes from ordinary to stunning, all in the space of a few new fashions and a makeover. Helping out at the restaurant also lets her spend more time with Bryan--and Bryan is far more than just a sexy spy. As a part of the Elliot family, he's everything any girl could dream of--in addition to being an undercover hero. They both know it's wrong, but sometimes desire is stronger than common sense and the two share intimate moments.

    Unfortunately, a freak accident blows Lucy's cover again and Bryan and Lucy flee once more--only to discover an even greater threat than either had imagined possible.

    Author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of novels by Lennox) delights with this sexy spy story. Lennox combines her romantic suspense talent with a super-sexy hero and a cinderella story heroine in a book that sizzles.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/06/06

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