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    Review of HER PERFECT HERO by Kara Lennox (see her website)


    Harlequin American Romance #1150, February 2007

    Firefighting is a rough job and there's nothing the firefighters of Firehouse 59 like doing more after their work shift ends than kicking back at Brady's Tavern across the street from the station. When a beautiful woman starts rummaging around in the recently closed tavern, they hope that the bar will soon be back in business. And considering it's a beautiful woman, they delegate rookie Tony Veracruz to find out her plans--and to persuade her tomake sure her plans are heading in the right lines. Tony is reluctant--he's just come out of another failed relationship and his he isn't ready to face another woman, but rookies pretty much have to do what they're told--even if they're told to break every rule and seduce the bar's beautiful new owner.

    When she spotted her fiance in bed with another woman, Julie Polk didn't lose just her engagement, she lost her job as well. She's intent on proving to the world that she doesn't need the rich Davidson family to show she's successful. Jefferson Street in South Dallas is just on the verge of being discovered, she believes, and a high-class tea room is the perfect thing. Women who lunch will line up for a chance to enjoy the great food and atmosphere she intends to provide. Best of all, she'll be able to help her smart sister who's set to enter college but who no longer has access to the schollarship the Davidsons had promised her. Julie can't deny that she's attracted to the sexy firefighter who seems anxious to visit whenever he gets the chance, but her primary focus has to be the tea room.

    The firefighters see a tea room as a disaster and set out to ruin it. And Julie's over-ambitious plans cause almost as many problems. But Julie is sure she'll make it through, somehow. Especially with the support she's getting from Tony. When she learns that Tony became interested in her just to persuade her to re-open a low-rent bar, she knows she'll never be able to forgive him--no matter how hard he tries to persuade her that his motives have changed and this time he really wants to come through for her.

    Author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of novels by Lennox) writes a compelling story with a heroine who wants to make it on her own and a hero who really is a hero--of a sexy firefighter. The three rookies, who first appeared in Lennox's THE FAMILY RESCUE are back in action, with plenty of firefighting, the struggle to fit in with the more experienced firefighters, and, in Tony's case, the conflict between satisfying the demands his co-workers put on him and his own wish to make Julie happy. Lennox ups the suspense when a fire breaks out--and comes up with a nifty resolution that just might surprise you. HER PERFECT HERO is definitely a winner. Check it out.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/30/07

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