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    Review of A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS by Sandy Blair (see her website)

    Zebra, October 2007

    With only days left before Christmas, the antiques business should be going great guns. Unfortunately, bad weather and bad luck leave dealer Claire MacGregor with more debts than deals. Things go from tricky to downright dangerous when one of her friends dies, leaving Claire more trouble than money. A part of his inheritance is a Celtic box that has been in the family since Culloden. But when Claire attempts to unravel the puzzle of the old box, a strange man--a naked man--suddenly appears in her shop.

    He'd been at the point of marching out for battle, along with the Highlander armies of Prince Charles Stewart, when Highlander Sir Cameron MacLeod was bespelled, sent away from the coming disaster of Culloden, but also locked away from everything he knew, everything he loved. When Claire MacGregor undoes the spell that held him, Cameron finds himself on another continent, hundreds of years in his future. There's a lot to admire about the future, most especially Claire MacGregor's fine hurdies but not even they can make him forget his duty. When he learns of the disaster of Culloden and its aftermath, Cameron swears he'll return to Scotland and protect his family.

    That the best looking man she's ever seen wants nothing more than to get away from her doesn't surprise Claire. What does surprise her is how much trouble one man can get into. Cameron's Highlander-warrior instincts lead him to take what he needs, to fight back when attacked, and to have precious-little respect for men of the law. Keeping Cameron bonded out of jail would be a full time job--even if Claire's business had been doing well enough to cover the expenses.

    While attraction draws the two together, Cameron's burning need to return to the past and set it right, along with Claire's certainty that a man like Cameron needs more than a woman like Claire, seems doomed to keep them apart.

    Author Sandy Blair (see more reviews of novels by Blair) spins another sexy and funny light paranormal romance in A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS. Cameron's misunderstandings of the present always lead to disaster and watching disaster unfold as Cameron blithely pushes forward is plenty of fun. Earnest Claire MacGregor makes a great foil for Cameron's always-wrong decisions and despite herself, she's drawn into adventures that are clearly doomed from the beginning. Blair has outdone herself in HIGHLANDER--I'm happy to recommend this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/22/07

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