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    Review of NATURAL BORN CHARMER by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (see her website)

    William Morrow, February 2007

    When he sees the beaver on the side of the road, star quarterback Dean Robillard has to stop--because the beaver is sporting a woman's face. Blue Bailey is pissed--pissed at her ex-boyfriend for lying to her, pissed at her mother for stealing her money for her mother's saintly purposes, pissed at the woman who was supposed to pick her up from her job advertising a lumber yard in a beaver suit, and pissed at the sexy quarterback who think he's too pretty for the world and who pretends to be gay so she won't feel threatened.

    Dean and Blue both have issues with abandonment--and neither is willing to take another chance, to truly love again. Even when Blue starts to fall for Dean, and even when Dean decides not to fight the physical attraction that sparks between them, their past injuries and fears keep them from committing, from doing more than playing a game.

    Dean and Blue aren't the only messed up characters around, though. Dean's mother has been trying to make up for her years as an alcoholic and drug abuser--to reclaim some sense of family with her son. And Dean's half-sister, who's recently lost her mother, is seeking a brother. Life gets complicated when Dean's father shows up to claim his daughter and finds his long-ago love.

    Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips (see more reviews of novels by Phillips) delivers a charming story. Combining humor and emotion, Phillips's engaging prose keeps the reader involved, cheering for Dean and Blue to get over their problems and move on to the next step in their relationship. There isn't a lot of suspense about where they're going--and Blue and Dean are practically the only people (including other characters and the readers) who don't know where they're going, but in this story, that's half the fun.

    NATURAL BORN CHARMER lives up to the title. Susan Elizabeth Phillips delivers a charmer of a story.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/30/07

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