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    Review of SPECIAL AGENT'S SEDUCTION by Lyn Stone


    Silhouette Intimate Moments/Romantic Suspense #1449, January 2007

    Dani Sweet is a member of a special psychic anti-terrorist group in the US government, but she doesn't have any premonitions about going to the bank--until she feels the weapon in her side. Taken hostage, Dani can only hope that the sexy banker, Ben Michaels, will pick up on her signals and not get both of them killed. But Ben has a past of his own--and his logic tells him that this isn't an ordinary bank robbery--there is a terrorist connection and Ben intends to track that connection down. Nobody robs his bank, and nobody uses his bank's money for terrorism.

    Together in a stressful situation, it's natural that the two attract one another, but Dani knows that attraction is all it can ever be. She was born a gypsy and no family will ever want her tainted blood added to hers. Besides, Ben is clearly a mommy's boy, afraid to rock the boat and disturb his mother at home, and Dani is nothing if not a boat rocker. Life would be easier if Dani were the kind who could go for casual sex, but that just isn't a part of her personality. Still, the two have to manage to work together until they can get to the bottom of the terrorist threat.

    Author Lyn Stone writes a fast-paced romantic suspense with just a touch of the paranormal for spice. The two travel the world in hunt of the missing money and the terrorists who stole it. Together, they find a more subtle plot.

    It's tough to combine hard-hitting action and a solid romantic conflict in the short page count of a category novel, but Stone makes a solid attempt. I thought she shortchanged the romantic angle a bit, with Dani's Romany issues too easily dealt with, but Stone's strong writing involved me in the story and kept me from pushing too hard on whether the terrorist plot really was practical or whether the two really would have chased down their enemies in the way they chose. SPECIAL AGENT'S SEDUCTION is a solid and enjoyable story.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 2/02/07

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