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    TEXAN FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Victoria Chancellor (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance #1190, December 2007

    Avant-garde hairdresser Scarlett has the opportunity of a lifetime--to intern at a swanky Hollywood salon that caters to celebrities. She wants to be somebody and prove to her ultra-professional family that she made the right career choice. But during her cross-country migration from Atlanta to L.A., her aging car's engine burns up, and she finds herself stranded in the small Texas town of Brody's Crossing for the Christmas holidays.

    Though the townspeople are wary of Scarlett, with her spikey red hair and belly-button jewelry, some are quick to offer help. The local salon is short one stylist, and there's even a room behind the salon where Scarlett can stay for free. But when she bucks tradition and gives the girls on the homecoming court more modern hairstyles, their mothers decide to sue, bringing in local attorney James Brody.

    James is a small-town lawyer through and througth. After a brief marriage to a city girl, he came to see that life away from Brody's Crossing wasn't for him. So he's automatically suspicious of the red-headed stranger. But he has no desire to pursue a frivolous lawsuit. And he likes the haircut she gives him, among other things.

    Pretty soon their mutual attraction prevails, but they both know their liaison is short term. Scarlett can't see herself settling in a small town, and James will never leave. But their long-held values and goals are challenged as the town gossips give the would-be happy couple plenty of trouble.

    Ms. Chancellor's second Brody's Crossing book is both funny and heartwarming, and anyone who has lived in a small town will recognize the players. A climactic scene with the "red-headed floozies" is not to be missed!

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/27/07

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