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    Review of WICKED TIES by SHAYLA BLACK (see her website)

    Heat, January 2007

    Morgan O'Malley is just doing research for her TV show when she tracks down mysterious dominant, 'J.' But there's something in his voice that appeals to her on more levels than just professional. When he insists that they get together, she agrees. That meeting becomes more serious when someone, almost certainly the man who's been stalking her, opens fire. 'J,' whose real name appears to be Jack, hustles her to safety--or is it really safe at all? Since the breakup of her last relationship, when Morgan revealed her secrets to her fiance, only to have them thrown back in her face, she's feared letting go--and Jack insists that she do just that.

    Jack hasn't been a dominant as long as he has not to be able to recognize a submissive. Morgan can never find herself, achieve happiness if she insists on denying the person she truly is. And Jack is happy to take this sexy redhead and turn her into a sex machine. Maybe he has a bit of guilt over the secret he's hiding from her, and maybe he starts to feel that she's more than just another submissive. Still, how can it hurt if he helps her explore her submissive side--sounds like a win-win, right?

    As they explore their desires and the powerful attraction that draws them together, Jack and Morgan both attempt to deny the way physical dependence is fostering emotional involvement. As Morgan opens her body, she's also opening her soul. But can Jack stand Morgan's ultimate secret, or will he crack under its pressure--and if he does crack, is Morgan now strong enough to fight for herself?

    Authro Shayla Black delivers a super-sexy story. Bondage, spankings, domination, multiple penetration, toys, and even menage, play their parts in helping these two characters learn about themselves and each other. Black never loses touch of the emotional side of the developing relationship, however. The physical is always reflected in the more emotions of her characters, and closure only comes when both Jack and Morgan are able to free themselves of their fears.

    If you enjoy a well-written erotic novel, you'll definitely want to check out WICKED TIES.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/17/07

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