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    Review of AT THE GREEK BOSS'S BIDDING by Jane Porter (see her website)

    Harlequin Presents #2623, April 2007

    Injured billionaire Kristian Koumantaros is on the verge of destroying Elizabeth Hatchet's nursing business. He seduced the first nurse Kristian sent, and has sent away every other nurse. Worse, the man's health isn't improving the way his doctors say it should. It's up to Elizabeth to put Kristian on the right path--and save her business. Of course, changing Kristian's direction is about as easy as is changing the direction of one of the huge freighters he owns.

    When his small plane crashed in the mountains, Kristian made a fateful decision. Rather than save the brother he loved, he'd saved his brother's fiancee--and didn't make it back in time to help his brother. Now he's filled with self-loathing, and a sense of self-esteem that's heavily damaged by his blindness, his inability to walk, and the disgusting mix of aged and grouchy nurses Elizabeth Hatchet's company has sent him. Still, he finds himself responding to Elizabeth herself.

    Elizabeth's secret is that she was once an American heiress--and married a Greek tycoon who destroyed her reputation and took a good chunk of her money. She's put that mistake behind her, but she certainly doesn't want to repeat it. Still, Kristian is not her ex-husband. But does she dare trust her heart--and her secrets--to this man?

    Author Jane Porter (see more reviews of romance by Porter) plays with the Beauty and the Beast fantasy--with injured and angry Kristian serving as the beast. Porter dangles the 'other woman' just enough to give the reader a bit of suspense, without really wasting time on her. Elizabeth's ex-husband also plays a cameo role, helping to drive Kristian and Elizabeth apart just as it seemed they could make their way through their differences.

    I found the end to be a bit of a let-down. I would have liked to see Elizabeth and Kristian resolve their future before Kristian learned whether his final eye operation had a chance of being successful. Still, AT THE GREEK BOSS'S BIDDING is a strong work with two damaged but engaging characters, a fun play at retelling fairy tales, and the obligatory billionaire (with a bonus this time).

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/25/08

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