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    Review of HUNGER by Rob Preece (see his website), June 2008

    Hunger by Rob Preece cover Ewan drops into Tia Burns's life like Lucifer falling from the skys. His eyes hold ancient secrets, and from the moment he arrives, she's constantly under threat. Her girlfriend guesses he's a vampire, a creature of the night. Ewan isn't a vampire--exactly. But he hungers for Tia in a way she can't understand, won't accept, yet finds herself unable to resist.

    Ancient beyond human imagining, Ewan has never needed anyone before, especially not one small woman. For the first time in his existance, he needs Tia. If he can win her, gain her worship, feed off of her strength, he may yet overthrow the bonds put on him over two thousand years earlier. Ewan calls himself a god--but he's a kind of god Tia has never imagined. Her straightforward beliefs hold no place for anyone like him, yet she can't deny the sense of compulsion that draws them together.

    Author Rob Preece (see more reviews of novels by Preece) spins a super-sexy story of an ancient power called into the present day. Set in contemporary New York, HUNGER pulses with that city's energy. As Tia and Ewan understand the forces at work against the two of them, they're forced to work together. But can Ewan really respect and partner with a merely human woman? And can Tia ever know whether Ewan wants her for who she is--rather than for her strange ability to channel the powers he hungers so desperately for.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/22/08

    HUNGER is available in multiple eBook formats (HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, eReader/Palm Reader, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and ePub) for only $3.99. Ready to buy? Click the Buy Now button below (payments processed by PayPal for your security).

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