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    Review of A KNIGHT WELL SPENT by Jackie Ivie (see her website)

    Zebra, October 2008

    Rhoenne is one of the great nobles of Scotland, but he can hold his fief only as long as he's seen to be unstoppable. When he picks up a wound in battle, he pretends he's unhurt, leaving the injury to fester--until he arrives at a pond in time to see a beautiful woman practicing some pagan rite. The woman, Aislynn, is a healer and is able to save Rhoenne's leg, but Rhoenne finds himself drawn to her with a power almost beyond his rigid control. He desperately wants Aislynn, but he knows he cannot have her.

    As a sworn liegeman of King David, Rhoenne cannot simply marry--he must marry whom the King commands, and all know that the King has decided to bind this powerful lord to him more closely by giving him his own daughter. Worse, Rhoenne's family has been cursed--every member of the family is born an orphan and Rhoenne has no desire to murder any woman, let alone the beautiful Aislynn.

    Good intentions and lofty promises don't mean much when they conflict with desire, and Rhoenne and Aislynn find themselves drawn together--and falling in love. But when Aislynn learns that the love they share will lead to Rhoenne's destruction at the hands of his king, she knows that she must do something to save him--even if it means her own destruction.

    Author Jackie Ivie (see more reviews of novels by Ivie) spins an emotional and exciting story set in the 12th century. Ivie's strong writing, with plenty of humor mixed with danger and emotion, kept me turning pages. Aislynn, with her magical healing powers and her occasional but important psychic abilities, makes a wonderful heroine while Rhoenne is a powerful, yet loving man. For me, the real hero of the story is Harold, Rhoenne's lieutenant--a man with a big mouth who can say what needs to be said, and make decisions for the greater good, no matter the cost to him. I certainly hope that Harold will get his own story in the future.

    If you're looking for a sexy historical with just a hint of magic, you'll definitely want to grab A KNIGHT WELL SPENT.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/25/08

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