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    Review of THE NAKED GENTLEMAN by Sally MacKenzie

    Zebra Historical Romance, April 2008

    Meg Peterson has decided she's ready for marriage and she's developed a plan to make it happen. One by one, she lures possible suitors into the gardens at the many events in the Regency Ton. But when Viscount Bennington decides to push matters and Meg is rescued by the one man she really doesn't want to consider, her reputation is ruined and sexy John Parker-Roth, the man who rescued her from the Viscount but who then proceeded to utterly ruin her reputation by sitting her on his lap is linked with her ruin.

    Parker-Roth is nothing if not a gentleman. He knows that any woman of society would prefer a title, and he was already abandoned once on the altar by a woman who found a better (and titled) match. But he's still flabergasted when sexy Miss Peterson turns him down. After all, she didn't seem to mind the kisses they shared and it is her reputation in tatters. It can only mean he was right all along--marriage is a necessity for a man with a title. For a mere gentleman, it's an inconvenience, a leg-shackle. As soon as he can get his mother situated, he'll head back to the country where he belongs, where he can work with his plants. Except fate, his mother, and Meg's relatives seem intent on throwing Meg and him together. While his resolution is firm, his body has other ideas.

    Author Sally MacKenzie (see more reviews of novels by MacKenzie) spins another sexy and laugh-out-loud funny story of manners battling with libido set in Regency England. Meg, with her love for gardening, her habit of dragging potentially eligible men into the bushes, and especially her spirit, is an enjoyable heroine--if a bit of a ditz. Parker-Roth makes a wonderful foil--stiff and reserved, Parker-Roth never knows what's hitting him and his own feelings are more of a mystery to him than just about anything else in the world. Without the relatives and Scottish servants who populate the novel, it's likely that Parker-Roth and Meg never would find the happiness they both so desperately want--even when Meg manages to ruin Parker-Roth's reputation even more completly than he ruined hers.

    If you're looking for a sexy and breezy regency-era romance, do yourself a favor and check out THE NAKED GENTLEMAN.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 2/17/08

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