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    Review of THE SHEIKH'S CHOSEN QUEEN by Jane Porter (see her website)

    Harlequin Presents #2717, April 2008

    Sure Jesslyn Heaton sent her sexy boyfriend away, told him she was finished with him. But that was because his mother had told her he needed children. Still, Jesslyn had hoped Sheikh Sharif Fehr would chase her down, tell her he wouldn't let her get away. Instead, he vanished back to his country, married another woman, and had three daughters. Now, though, years after Jesslyn has finally moved on with her life, Sharif is back. But she's got plans--plans that involve getting far away from the one man who can still shake her life. She won't fall into his plans, and into his arms, again.

    Sharif knows he gave up too easily ten years before. His marriage had been a loveless disaster, but he's not going to let Jesslyn get away again. When a couple of her students get into trouble, Sharif drives a hard bargain--he'll keep them from being arrested, having permanent convictions on their records, but in return, Jesslyn has to give her the summer. He needs her himself, but his daughters need her even more. They're not turning out the way he'd hoped--and he knows Jesslyn can help--if only she will.

    Author Jane Porter (see more reviews of romance by Porter) creates an intriguing story of lost love, deception, and a woman intent on having her way, no matter what the cost. Sexy Sharif delivers the standard fantasies--he's a king, he's a billionaire, and he wants nothing more than to spend money on Jesslyn. He also comes with baggage--in the form of three troubled daughters, a manipulative mother, an overbearing nursemaid, a serving girl who insists on making Jesslyn beautiful no matter what she says, and a schedule as a world leader that leaves little time for family--or for romance.

    There aren't a lot of surprises in Porter's novel--but smooth writing, the characters' past, the children, and the sexual heat between Jesslyn and Sharif add up to an enjoyable interlude. Like all Harlequin Presents titles, THE SHEIKH'S CHOSEN QUEEN can be read in a couple of enjoyable hours.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/25/08

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