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    Review of A TEXAN RETURNS by Victoria Chancellor (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance #1239, December 2008

    Wyatt McCall left Brody's Crossing as soon as he could after high school. Since then he built and sold a billion dollar software business and now he's working full-time for his own foundation helping at-risk children--children like he was, full of potential but also full of trouble. When word leaks out that Wyatt left Brody's Crossing without completing his community service for defacing the town's water tower, his reputation--and that of his foundation--may be damaged. Like it or not, Wyatt has to come back to town--where the girl he left behind is now mayor.

    Toni Casale never really got over Wyatt McCall. Sure she dated some in college, but no man has ever come close to Wyatt. Having him back in town--for a few days only--is a mixed blessing. She's still angry with him for running away, but having him around makes all those memories hurt even more. Does she dare give in to the temptation, restart the physical side of their relationship when she knows that Wyatt is only going to leave once again--with her heart again suffering the consequences?

    Author Victoria Chancellor (see more reviews of novels by Chancellor--including affordable eBook romances published by continues her Brody's Crossing series with a look at a woman who seems to have it all--she's mayor, she manages a business and is making good money, she's respected by the people of Brody's Crossing, and she has friends, but who can't put her past behind her. Wyatt filled a place in her heart that nobody else can seem to touch. Wyatt is a great Harlequin hero--rich, hot, damaged, and convinced that love is for other people--that he doesn't deserve love--or will only hurt those he loves. Getting through to the core of his issues, making him face the demons that haunt him, is his only escape to happiness--but it is the thing he wants to do least in the world.

    Fans of the Brody's Crossing series will be delighted to see many returning characters--moving on with their lives as the town shakes off its past and moves into the future. Chancellor's strong writing pulls the reader into the story and makes us care about whether Wyatt and Toni can find happiness together.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/24/08

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