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    Review of THE GOOD FATHER by Kara Lennox (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance #1256, April 2009

    Max Remington has plowed everything into his advertising business. Now his offices are beautiful and he has a line on a top artist. The one thing he doesn't need is sexy mom Jane Selwyn to come into his life. So, one word to his assistant and Jane learns that he's too busy for their interview. Except Jane needs this job--and turns out to be a lot more persistent than Max had believed possible. The real problem is, Max can't deny a definite attraction to the woman--but he's sworn off women with attachments.

    Jane is happy to be out of her marriage, but she desperately needs a job to keep up the payments on the boat where she lives--and she'd love a job that allows her to develop her artistic skills--skills her ex-husband mocked. It doesn't hurt that she's been attracted to Max ever since he first flirted with her--and got punched in the eye by her jealous ex-husband. She's determined to get the job, then prove that she has what it takes to make both herself and Max successful. Surely it won't be too hard to make sure her daughter, Kaylee stays out of the way.

    Max can't deny Jane's talent. He also can't deny that she can do the work a lot cheaper than the artist he had in mind--and he's definitely overstretched his finances. Still, working with Jane creates all sorts of danger--and he's a sucker for kids. Maybe, though, he can find a way to keep things professional. Like that'll work--especially when he gets a chance at the biggest account he's ever seen--and winning the account depends on him being a family man.

    Author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of romance novels by Lennox) concludes her SECOND SONS series with Max's story. Max is charming as he does everything he can to convince himself--and Jane--that the two have no future together, all the while finding himself wishing he could spend his life with her. Kaylee adds charm to the story, and the Remington family back in New York continue to try to pull strings on the second sons, only to find they're pulling the men closer to the women they've found in Texas.

    Lennox writes a consistently strong romance, and THE GOOD FATHER is a great example of why she's one of Harlequin American's top talents.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/19/09

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