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    Review of UNDEAD AND UNWELCOME by Mary Janice Davidson (see her website)


    Berkley, June 2009

    Betsy, Queen of Vampires, along with husband Sinclair, heads to the werewolf palace in Cape Cod, bringing the body of their friend and werewolf Antonia. The werewolves were not big on Antonia while she was alive, but now that she's dead, they're hungry for revenge and seem likely to take it out on the vampires. Meanwhile, with Betsy away, her sister, Laura, decides to stop running from the Satan-worshipers who have hunted her down and start putting them to work. Betsy ignores Mark's frantic e-mails because he uses too many acronyms for her taste and doesn't have a clue that Laura just might be pushing the world to armageddon--all with good intentions, of course.

    The Betsy series started funny but has definitely run down. UNDEAD AND UNWELCOME is certainly readable and occasionally entertaining. Betsy, with her self-absorbed, blonde-ditz, but essentially good personality, makes a wonderful protagonist as queen of the vampires. Sinclair remains dark, sexy, brooding, violent, and uh, did I mention sexy. To me, UNWELCOME seemed more like setup than an actual novel. We learn that little Babyjon is more than just a baby, and that sweet Laura may be heading in Satan's direction despite (or perhaps because of) her attempts to do good. That's about it.

    Author Mary Janice Davidson (see more reviews of novels by Davidson) can string words together, can paint a wonderful character profile, and makes characters who would normally seem unattractive come to life in a way that makes them sympathetic. This time, I thought the plot failed to hold up all of the superstructure.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 7/24/09

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