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    FIRST LOVE, LAST LOVE by Victoria Chancellor, September 2010

    First Love, Last Love by Victoria Chancellor They'd both been each other's first love. They'd sworn they would be together always, that they'd attend Texas A&M together, pursue their careers, and make a home. But her father's accident forces Jillian Snow to stay home, to give up her college dream, and Jillian and Brad Patterson split up. She stays to run a pet store and he pursues riches in Houston, marries, and fathers a child. Now, though, newly divorced and with a cute son, Brad Patterson is back in Scottsville, Texas where they both grew up. And Brad intends to follow through on all those promises. What he doesn't account for is that Jillian made another promise after they'd split...she'd sworn she'd never let Brad break her heart or make her cry again. Still, can she harden her heart against the grown man who was her first great love? And can resist the wonderful son Brad has brought into the world, even though she'd dreamed his first child would be hers as well?

    Author Victoria Chancellor (see more reviews of romance by Chancellor) creates a charming piece of small-town America in the east-Texas region she loves so much. The curious (and match-making) gossips, the coffee shop where everyone meets, and the helpful siblings ring true. Also ringing true are Jillian's fears that Brad can't really return, that the attractions of the big city that pulled him away years before will do so again.

    Anyone who remembers their high school love, who wonders if things might have gone differently, if it really is possible to find a second chance, will enjoy FIRST LOVE, LAST LOVE.

    FIRST LOVE, LAST LOVE, in a slighly different edition, was first published by Kensington in paperback format only. This is its first release in electronic format. Approximately 55,000 words.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/16/10

    FIRST LOVE, LAST LOVE is available in multiple eBook formats (HTML, Adobe PDF, Mobipocket/Kindle, ePub, eReader, zipped Microsoft Reader, and Sony LRF) for only $3.99. To purchase it, click the 'Buy Now' button below (processed by PayPal for your security):

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