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    Review of A SCORE TO SETTLE by Kara Lennox (see her website)


    Harlequin SuperRomance #1701, April 2011

    Falsely convicted of murder, billionaire Daniel Logan spent six years on death row before being freed on a technicality. Sexy prosecuter Jamie McNair is convinced he should be put right back in prison and doesn't buy into his claims of innocence or "Project Justice," the organization Logan established to free wrongfully convicted people. Her back really goes up when Logan implies that her late father, also a prosecutor, could have convicted an innocent Logan.

    When Daniel comes across a claim of innocence in a case that looks startlingly like the murder he was convicted for, he can't help become personally involved... even though he's tried to close himself off from too much personal contact with anyone since his release from prison. The only way he can get at the truth, though, is to convince Jamie that an open-and-shut case is just a little too easy, that someone, somewhere, may be committing serial murders and framing others for the crime. One thing being a billionaire means, though, is that the politicians in charge of the office will make sure their prosecutors at least listen, and Daniel can be very convincing.

    Author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of novels by Lennox) creates a conflict-filled setting with Daniel's innocence an affront to Jamie's memory of her late father, and throws in sexual tension that all attempts to deny only inflame. As Jamie draws Daniel out of the shell he constructed for himself after his release, so he helps her see herself not as the abandoned child forever needing to prove herself, but a strong and capable woman.

    Working together, Daniel and Jamie play off one another, inspire each other with creative ideas (and sexy anticipations), but the hunt for a serial killer puts them both in danger as well. Once he's killed a few men, what difference, after all, would two more victims make?

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/27/2011

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