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    Review of KNIGHT EVERLASTING by Jackie Ivie

    Zebra, October 2011

    When the English attack, Aidan MacKetryck rescues Juliana--and insists on continuing to "protect" her by taking her to his Highland castle. Juliana can't admit the truth--that she is the English heiress the soldiers were attempting to rescue. Scots lords enjoy making war on each other, but the English, under King Edward, are a continual threat. Being rescued wouldn't be so bad if only Juliana didn't find Aidan so tempting. She is an engaged woman, after all--and it's her duty to escape and return to her fief.

    Aidan didn't think much about rescuing the pretty woman. Then again, he didn't think much about attacking the English soldiers who badly outnumbered his scouting party. He's lucky he escaped at all, let alone rescued the woman. It would be nice if she could show a little gratitude. Still, Aidan is patient, and he's certainly never had any problems attracting women. Moreover, no matter what Juliana says, she can't disguise the way her body reacts to him.

    Although Aidan is legally lord of his domain, his uncle, who ruled as regent for Aidan until Aidan forced him to step down still lusts after power--and for every woman Aidan brings to the castle. Aidan desperately wants to keep Juliana for himself, but, like Juliana, his hand is spoken for. Can he truly send his clan into war against the powerful Campbell clan to marry Juliana? Or can he give her up, even if he knows that's what he has to do for the good of his people?

    Author Jackie Ivie (see more reviews of romance by Ivie) delivers a sexy story of two people who battle with, confuse and confound, and ultimately fulfil one another. Aidan reveals some surprising complexity as he deals with his own tactical blunder, less than courage from some of his men, and the conflict between his passion for Juliana and his duty. Juliana isn't as complex, but she gains reader empathy as she's torn between her desire for Aidan and her need for independence.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/22/2011

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