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    Review of WHIPPED FRATERNITY by Robyn Anders, August 2013

    Whipped Fraternity by Robyn Anders cover

    For her thirtieth birthday, Nicole d'Angre is expecting a nice present from her dominant husband--maybe a night on the town or a bit more passion and less pain than usual. Instead, he brings in an co-ed to replace her, tells her she's too old (at 30) for a male like him, and dumps her. Nicole dropped out of college to serve her master and doesn't have a clue how to create a life of her own--the only path she sees is to scheme her way back into her husband's good graces. First, though, she has to survive. For a woman whose skills are limited to what she was taught by a dominant, that seems a challenge--until she realizes she can apply those lessons to others.

    Nicole takes a job as 'fraternity mom' at the fraternity known as the worst in the small southern college. The young men need a strong hand to keep them in line and, most especially, to learn how to please a woman. Nicole finds herself on the other side of the dominant scale, whipping the whole fraternity into shape and teaching them what women really need. It's not easy for a woman trained to think of herself as weak and submissive, but Nicole thrives on the challenge--as well as the company of the sexy librarian who agrees to help her out. There can't be any future with Brandon, she assures herself--after all, she's going to win her husband back. Still, is it so wrong to enjoy a little bit of fun?

    When the fraternity gains notoriety on campus, Nicole's ex-husband leads a crusade to have them, and her, banned from campus for unnatural acts. Nicole is certain she can't stand against her dominant ex, but she doesn't want to let her charges down. Fighting back, though, challenges more than a decade of 'training.'

    Author Robyn Anders (see more reviews of romance by Anders turns up the heat in this steamy story of a woman's self-discovery. WHIPPED FRATERNITY is super-sexy, but it includes a romance and some exciting capers as well.

    WHIPPED FRATERNITY is priced at only $3.99--available in HTML, eReader, PDF and Kindle-Mobi formats. Click the 'Buy Now' button below to purchase your copy.

    Want more? Read the free excerpt here.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/27/13

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