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    Review of SASSY CINDERELLA by Kara Lennox (see her website)


    Harlequin American Romance #951, December 2002

    When rancher Jonathan Hardison, his sister-in-law is quick to hire a nurse to help care for him and his children. Jonathan doesn't expect a beautiful blonde who excites him, hits all of his hot buttons, but just might be his worst nightmare as well. Still, when Sherry McCormick walks into his life, he knows that he'll never be the same.

    Sherry McCormick came from the wrong side of the tracks and has worked hard to overcome her background. She dresses right, goes for what she wants, and is one heck of a nurse. She's never been able to understand why people back away from her. Now that she's lost her job, she grabs the chance to make a few bucks taking care of a handsome hunk--and his wonderful children. She doesn't anticipate the attraction she feels--nor does she expect Jonathan's love for his children to bring out her own deepest secret. But when emotions start to run high and when physical lust starts to turn to something more, all the bets are off.

    In this charming continuation of the Hardison series, author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of novels by this author) delivers an emotional roller coaster ride. Sherry is a wonderful heroine with her hard shell and inner vulnerability. Readers will find themselves identifying with the woman who's fought for everything she has and understand the decisions she's made that brought her to small-town Texas. Jonathan, with his love for his children is a moving hero. To bring these two together, Lennox has to dig deep into the emotions. Still, Lennox's humor keeps the book enjoyable and the pages turning.

    Many readers have found the HOW TO MARRY A HARDISON series to be a breakout for Lennox and, with SASSY CINDERELLA, it's easy to see why.

    Four Stars

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