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    HARLEQUIN BLAZE # 10, October 2001

    Dr. Dee (Destiny) Romine has survived a tough childhood and tougher adulthood. Her brother, a renegade FBI agent, is on the run and the FBI believes that Dee holds the key to his location. They'll stop at nothing to find him, even if it means sending in an agent to bend the rules and break her heart. Agent Chase Bracken doesn't mind bending the rules and he always gets his man. He won't feel good about lying to Dee, but that won't keep him from doing his job. Of course he knows where their relationship will go when Dee finally learns the truth.

    SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY lays out a fine conflict and adds the hint of adventure to the sexual intrigue the typifies the Blaze imprint. Unfortunately, the first two thirds of this book are glacial in pace. Both Dee and Chase spend page after page in introspection, remasticating what few events took place in scene. Once Dee and Chase consumate their relationship, author Jamie Denton turns up the heat. Not only do her love scenes sizzle, but the characters start to show a wealth of emotion and connectedness that were missing through the earlier chapters.

    It's easy to see why Denton is characterized as a rising star--she can write well. Unfortunately, many readers will have given up on this book before Denton starts to deliver.

    Two Stars

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