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    SLIGHTLY SHADY by Amanda Quick (see her website)

    Bantam, April 2001

    Lavinia Lake makes her own way in the world, but plans to help her niece, Emeline escape into the comfortable world of English society during the late regency period in England. Tobias March is a man of business on the trail of a criminal organization that threatens the safety of Britain itself. Somehow, Lavinia has gotten herself tied up with these criminals and March must determine whether she is a dupe, or a member of the sinister group.

    When March destroys Lavinia’s occupation as an antiquities dealer in Italy, Lavinia decides to follow March’s example and become a private investigator. She certainly does not expect to get tangled up in the same case March is investigating and has mixed feelings about working together, especially as both March and Lavinia are better at receiving than sharing information and danger. Their frustration with one another is heightened by a growing sexual attraction. Each knows how totally unsuited they are for one another, yet neither can keep their hands to themselves.

    Author Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krenz) combines mystery, romance, and a humorous touch to create a fine regency-era historical (see more reviews of novels by this author). Some readers may find March’s destructive entry into Lavinia’s life to be overly dramatic, especially as he is generally a threat to Lavinia’s emotions rather than her person. Indeed, it is difficult to guess what March’s initial plan was and why it was necessary to send Lavinia and Emeline back to England. Once they rejoin forces in London, however, SLIGHTLY SHADY soon settles down into an entertaining story.

    Three Stars

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