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    THE STARDUST COWBOY by Anne McAllister

    Silhouette Desire #1219 June 1999

    When Wyoming rancher Riley Stratton discovers his recently deceased brother has a son, he wants to do right by the child. So he gives little Jake Malone half his ranch--the half that belonged to his brother--then offers to buy it back.

    But Jake's dream is to be a cowboy, and his mother, Dori Malone, can't bear to destroy his dreams. So instead of selling Jake's share, they show up on Riley's doorstep, intent on sharing.

    Ms. McAllister takes some familiar elements and mixes them up in a way that is fresh and fun. Even "the other woman," Riley's former girlfriend for whom he still has feelings, is handled in a different and interesting way. In addition to being a well-crafted page-turner, this one touched my heart.

    Three Stars

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