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    STRANGERS WHEN WE MARRIED by Carla Cassidy (see her website)


    Silhouette Intimate Moments #1046, December 2000

    SPEAR Agent Seth Greene can't get over a botched job--he was responsible and Simon escaped with hundreds of pounds of raw heroin. The only person who can help him, the only person he can really trust, is the woman who was once his wife and who now wants nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, he's never quite gotten over beautiful Meghan and has never gotten to see their baby son. He knows he's in trouble but can't help himself.

    As a child, Meghan saw her mother's pain every time her cop-father left the house. Would he come back alive. She can't put herself through that again and certainly could never put her child through that pain. Until Seth gives up his dangerous lifestyle, she can have nothing to do with him. Still, she is a SPEAR employee too. If Simon gets away with his plans, a lot more than she and Seth will be hurt. She may help Seth, but she's not letting him back into her bed or her heart until he can promise not to break it.

    Carla Cassidy is a favorite romantic suspense author and STRANGERS WHEN WE MARRIED shows her mature skill. Part of the YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY miniseries, STRANGERS keeps the attention on the romance while teasing the reader with the suspense. Meghan and Seth married too quickly, motivated by lust rather than by love. Now they are forced to spend time together and discover the truth that drove them apart. Unfortunately, no easy explanation can overcome their problems, however. Can even love overcome the fear that pulls them apart.

    Cassidy's skill as a writer keeps the reader turning the pages. Her sensuality sizzles, making the relationship between Seth and Meghan compelling. Seth's growing love for their son Kirk humanizes him, makes him a worthy hero. Although the initial plot device, that only Meghan could find Simon and that somehow no one else was really looking, is unconvincing, Cassidy's plot pacing makes even this seem reasonable.

    Three Stars

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