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    STRICTLY SEDUCTION by Shelley Bradley

    Zebra Books, April 2002

    Maddie Sedgewick knows exactly what marriage means--loss of control, loss of respect, and being blamed when her husband beats her. When her first husband died, she felt relieved despite the huge debt he left behind. Now, however, a man from her past has bought the debt and is pressuring her to marry him. In 1834 in England, debters prison is still a real danger. Unfortunately, Maddie knows Brock Taylor knows no scruples--he'll do whatever it takes to win his goals. Brock needs Maddie's land to build the railroad that will enrich him and England, he needs her to gain entre to the world of the rich and noble, but most of all, he needs her to feel whole. What he can't do is trust her. Five years before, he'd left to seek his fortune and she'd lost no time marrying the first nobleman to come along. Dare he trust his heart to her now? Seduction and exploring of the physical attraction is safer for both than admitting to real love.

    Author Shelley Bradley (see our reviews of other novels by this author) delivers a steamily sensual novel. As Brock and Maddie maneuver for advantage, they find it almost impossible to resist the sexual pull that compells them with real force. Both, in turn, try to use physical attraction to their own advantage, and both find that that weapon cuts both ways. Yet beneath the physical attraction, each hides deep secrets--secrets that could either destroy them or set them free. Until each learns to trust the other with more than their bodies, until what is STRICTLY SEDUCTION turns into real love, their relationship can only lead to pain.

    Four Stars

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