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    Review of A SUITE DEAL by Kay Layton Sisk

    RFIWest, Inc. 2002

    David White is ready for a career move, ready to take on a new challenge, and ready to bring a whole new business to the hot company WOTs-New-Now. He doesn't count on constantly running into a bothersome but strangely attractive female--who ends up getting double-booked in his suite. While they don't actually share a room, they end up spending more time together than David would have wanted--except he starts to want a lot more. Megan O'Toole enjoys the fact that a man is attracted to her without ulterior motive, without knowing that she's the V.P. and heir apparent to the WOTs-New-Now fortune. With her mother matchmaking and David being so, well, there, a fling seems like just the thing.

    Author Kay Layton Sisk (see our reviews of other novels by this author) tantalizes the reader by providing them the information Megan and David are hiding from one another. Page by page, the anticipation of an explosion grows--and Sisk delivers. Written in a fast smooth style, A SUITE DEAL is an enjoyable read.

    Four Stars

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