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    Review of A SUMMER TO REMEMBER by Mary Balogh

    Delacorte Press, August 2002

    Miss Lauren Edgeworth was left at the alter a year before but she is strong--and wishes for nothing more than her independence. When handsome rake Kit Viscount Ravensberg swoops in with marriage in his mind, Lauren sees a way to get them both what they want. The plan--an announced engagement that will let Kit avoid his family's schemes. Once the engagement is broken, Lauren's reputation will prevent any future marriage plans and let her get on with her life. In the meantime, Kit can open Lauren's eyes to adventure for a SUMMER TO REMEMBER.

    Set in Regency England, A SUMMER TO REMEMBER offers a combination of the best of regency manners with steamy desire. Both Lauren and Kit are powerfully damaged characters with inherent nobilities that make them sympathetic and right for one another. Still, Lauren's clever plan may turn out to be too clever by half when she begins to fall in love with Kit only to realize that his soulmate is another woman.

    Author Mary Balogh (see more reviews of Mary Balogh romances) delivers an emotionally powerful novel. Lauren's slow opening to womanhood is satisfying and believable. The steps she takes to help Kit reach reconciliation with his family--despite the risks she takes by doing so--further endear her to the reader. Her history of abandonment makes her desire for independence seem essential and non-negotiable, even if it means forgoing the love of her life. Kit is a wonderful hero--a combination of rake and hero, willing to protect the weak with no thought for society's rules. Only he can help Lauren escape from her past--just as only she can rescue him from himself.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/12/02

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