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    TAME AN OLDER MAN by Kara Lennox (see her website)

    2001 WAYS TO WED

    Harlequin American Romance #871, April 2001

    Phoebe Lane has a terrible secret--although her mother raised her to play up her beauty and find a man to take care of her, Phoebe is smart and can take care of herself. When to-die-for neighbor Wyatt Madison moves in, he makes all of the normal assumptions about Phoebe. Worse, he sees the book, 2001 Ways to Wed, which Phoebe has bought to help one of her friends find a man. Naturally, Wyatt thinks Phoebe is looking. It's all wrong--so why can't Phoebe keep thinking about Wyatt?

    Phoebe has abandoned her Hollywood career and is working as a makeover artist at a spa while she puts herself through college. Wyatt is a T.V. producer who is used to beautiful women using every trick in the book to beg their way onto his show. He thinks it's cute that Phoebe is taking classes at the local college but finds himself irrationally jealous at the way college boys fawn over her. He isn't romatically interested, of course. Phoebe is too young, too show-business, too everything he isn't interested in. Except he can't keep his thoughts away from her, his hands off of her.

    Between Phoebe's man-hunting and still sexy mother, a group of friends who spell matchmaker any way they can, and hard-driving hormones gone crazy, neither Phoebe nor Wyatt stands a chance--but can they make a relationship that will last?

    With TAME AN OLDER MAN, Kara Lennox (see reviews of other novels by this author) shows again why she's one of the fastest-rising stars of the Harlequin American line. Smart, sexy, and fun, TAME asks whether it is possible to be too sexy. Working within a continuity series (an ongoing story that takes place across multiple novels written by multiple authors), Lennox gives her characters a zippy personality while enhancing the experience for readers of the other books in the series.

    Four Stars

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