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    TELL ME NO LIES by Elizabeth Lowell

    MIRA, 1986/2001

    America's relationship with China hangs on the brink. Rumors circulate that ancient Chinese art works, bronze sculptures from the grave of Emperor Qin, are being smuggled into America. If the rumors prove to be true, China's step away from Mao and toward the west may be subverted. The Chinese government asks ex-CIA agent Jacob Catlin to track down the smugglers. Once found, Catlin is to protect Lindsay Danner, art critic and expert, as she determines whether the bronzes are genuine. If they are, the fate of China and the west is at risk.

    Catlin owes his life to the Chinese man who asks for his help. Lindsay merely hopes to help her own country and China, the country she loves. She is selected for her reputation for integrity and honesty, yet to even approach the smugglers, Catlin must first drag her reputation through the mud, protecting her from Chinese gangsters, the FBI, and even the man who hired them both to do the job.

    Catlin knows better to get involved with a woman--the last woman he loved tried to kill him. Lindsay dreams every night of murder and death. More than anything, she hates lies, including the lies that Catlin must tell to keep her alive. Both know that their time together is short, yet neither can fight the attraction that binds them. Adrenaline rush, as Catlin explains it, or could it be something special?

    Author Elizabeth Lowell (see more novels by Lowell) combines an emotionally satisfying romance with an exciting look into the world of art and art forgeries. Her action scenes are dynamic page turners. Between these scenes, however, Lowell sometimes slips into long pages of introspection. Apparently not trusting the reader to pick up on Lindsay's history, she repeats it again and again.

    With a little judicious scanning, especially in the first half of the novel, TELL ME NO LIES is an enjoyable read.

    Three Stars

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