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    Review of UNBREAKABLE BONDS by Judy Christenberry


    Silhouette, August 2002

    When Nicholas McMillan learns that he has an identical twin brother--Gabe Randall--he heads to Rawhide, Wyoming to claim the family he lost. He doesn't know quite what to expect, but he certainly doesn't expect to be slapped in the face by the beautiful Sarah Waggoner. Gabe is used to wealth, to the big city, and to sophisticated women. Somehow, though, Rawhide, with its swarms of Randalls, his brother, and especially Sarah, starts to appeal more and more. If only he could get Sarah to see things his way.

    Gabe Randall has finally settled down after years on the rodeo circuit. His ranch is just taking off and he had counted on settling down with Jennifer Waggoner--the only woman he's ever loved. Yet now that he finally has something to offer her, Jennifer tells him that she has left him for another. When Jennifer turns up pregnant, Gabe is willing to do the honorable thing--but he won't trust his heart to Jennifer ever again.

    Author Judy Christenberry (see reviews of other novels by this author) delivers another emotion-packed Randall family tale. Fans of the series will be overjoyed to see the original Randall brides (and grooms) hard at work at what they love best--matchmaking and family building. With their help, Gabe and Nick may have a chance at winning the love of the beautiful sisters they cherish.

    Christenberry's female characters, Jennifer and Sarah, both have some growing to do as well and Christenberry does a fine job allowing them to become strong and independent women who are able to stand on their own feet--as all Randall women do.

    UNBREAKABLE BONDS is Christenberry's first longer novel. The format allows for twice the romance and twice the Randall matchmaking and macho men.

    Four Stars

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