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    UNINHIBITED by Candace Schuler

    HARLEQUIN BLAZE # 7, September 2001

    One of these days, Reed Sullivan is going to settle down, marry and have 2.2 children, and be moderately happy with his life. What he won't do is let his great-grandmother hustle him into a relationship. So when he finds that the latest babe at his great-grandmother's side is not a prospective wife but a businesswoman looking for an investment, why isn't he happy? Something is wrong with this picture and it centers around Zoe Moon--a woman who couldn't make him moderately anything if both of their lives depended on it.

    Zoe is looking for an investor to help expand her cosmetics business. Reed's antipathy surprises her--she's used to men gaining a positive first impression--but her reaction to him is the real shock. Her mother proved to her that relying on hormones will get a woman in trouble every time but every time Zoe sees Reed, her hormones shift into high gear.

    Author Candace Schuler has created two really interesting characters and a host of supporting characters that add a depth beyond the standard series romance. Recognizing that a story can become more sexy by denying rather than fulfilling the sexual urge, Schuler ratchets up the tension between her characters until neither they, nor the reader, can stand any more. Blaze readers may be surprised to find only one detailed love scene, but that one is a doozy.

    Four Stars

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