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    THE UNLAWFULLY WEDDED PRINCESS by Kara Lennox (see her website)


    Harlequin American #917, April 2002

    Princess Amelia Carradigne didn't really get married. The quick marriage to help handsome mercenary Nicholas Standish get his adopted children out of Palemeir was ruled as illegal and disolved. Amelia is free to devote all of her time in learning how to be a good princess--and the future ruler of Korosol. Nicholas is good and angry that Amelia lied about her name--and even more angry when he learns that the Korosol government is saying 'no marriage, no adoption.' He isn't going to lose these children, even if he has to track down his virgin wife and--well, do whatever he needs to do. The children are the important thing--and love doesn't enter into it at all. Except that Amelia is hard--okay, impossible for a man to resist.

    Author Kara Lennox (see our reviews of other novels by this author) has created another delightful novel of characters forced to choose between their growing love and the dreams and fears that they have harbored. Amelia and Nicholas are wonderful and flawed characters who must grow and learn to trust in their love if they are to have a chance at happiness. Yet with their earlier relationship based on a lie, is trust really an option? A wonderful story by a talented author.

    Four Stars

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