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    AN UNLIKELY OUTLAW by Rebecca Wade

    Avon Historical Romance, December, 1999

    Jasmine Jamison dreams of the day she can take up her father's abandoned career--as a bank robber and stagecoach bandit. When her father pushes her to marry, she thinks she finds the ideal solution--marry a man who will run away, leaving her with her freedom. Unfortunately for her plans, the run-down drifter she picks to trap into a shotgun marriage turns out to be a Texas Ranger. She's put her father in danger, and put her heart into even greater risk.

    Brody McClintock lost his childhood love to another man, and his parents to bandits. He's devoted his life to justice and to tracking down his parents' killers. When he's trapped into marriage, he swears to stand by his wife, but never to love her.

    Hot passion steams through this historical romance set in 1875 Texas. Jasmine is forced to chose between the man she loves, her freedom, and her father's life. Brody must come to terms with his own mortality, and the reality of a great love. Each must sacrifice their deepest goals if they are to find the only real happiness possible for two such spirited people.

    In AN UNLIKELY OUTLAW, Rebecca Wade has written an exciting story of outlaws, danger, Searcher-style hunts for revenge, and passion in the American West.

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