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    Review of THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE by Caroline Clemmons (see her website)


    Zebra Ballad, January 2003

    Drake Kincaid must marry within weeks or lose his inheritance--the Texas ranch he loves and has worked all his life to build. He resolves to marry a perfectly unsuitable woman. He'll let her stay in town and spend money--what he thinks women want--and he'll give her his body, but he'll never give her his heart. Pearl Parker has done her best to raise her sister and brother and scratch out a living in rural Tennessee, but her best is barely enough. With few exceptions, the townspeople hold her family in contempt for being illegitimate and uneducated. She even makes herself look unattractive to keep men at bay and to prevent jealousy from spoiling her business as a cook. When Drake rolls into town and offers to marry her and take her and her entire family to Texas, it seems to good to be true--until she learns that Drake never means to open his heart to her.

    Misfortune follows Pearl to Texas. Someone is intent on her destruction. Although Pearl does not know who is behind the attempts on her life, she knows that they relate to the remaining secret of her birth--a secret that she is certain will destroy Drake's growing affection toward her.

    Author Caroline Clemmons (see more reviews of novels by Clemmons) writes convincingly of an America where legitimate birth still matters and where a family of three children each born of different mothers is shocking and seen as proof of 'bad blood.' Drake manages to be a chauvinist while still being lovable, with his growing understanding that not every woman wants to be a shopaholic like his mother. But can respect and affection take the place of a real love--or must Pearl always remain the MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE?

    Four Stars

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