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    WHO'S BEEN SLEEPING IN HER BED by Pamella Dalton

    Silhouette Intimate Moments #1020, July 2000

    In this amnesia story, detective Katarina Reeves suffers a head injury that leaves a few holes in her memory -- most notably, there's a handsome stranger claiming to be her husband. Though she has no memory of marrying handsome Mitch Reeves and living with him for three years, Katarina has no choice but to allow him to take care of her while she regains her health. but she firmly believes their only sensible course of action is to divorce as soon as she's strong enough to care for herself.

    This book started out strong, presenting a much more believable look at amnesia than most others. Katarina faces numerous lingering effects from her head injury--including short-term memory problems and changes to her personality. But the book began to disappoint later as the initial conflict--the fact that Katarina felt she had to compete with her 'former self' for Mitch's love--failed to deepen or intensify or grow more complex. Also a bit disappointing was a tacked-on suspense thread involving a little boy who had witnessed a crime and could identify a murderer. The whole mystery was solved off-screen and explained in two pages of exposition. It could have been a nifty subplot if integrated more thoroughly into the story.

    Still, this was a very readable book with three-dimensional, likable characters, and it was satisfying to see them overcome their doubts and fears to reclaim their marriage.

    Three Stars

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