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    TOO WICKED TO LOVE by Barbara Dawson Smith

    St. Martin's, April 1999

    Jane Mayhew has always had a crush on handsome rogue Ethan Sinclair, a crush she knew she'd never be able to indulge. Instead, she'd become an old maid. When a baby is delivered to Jane's doorstep, a baby girl with a letter claiming she is the child of Ethan, Jane knows she must act. She must make Ethan take responsibility for his sins. Only how can Jane give up this baby she comes so quickly to love?

    Ethan has been tricked into marriage before and has resolved never to love. He is practically certain the baby isn't his, but if it is, he will have it taken care of. He has no need for frumpy Jane Mayhew. Jane's magical transformation, thanks to his mother's fashion advice, may make him aware of her as a woman, but Ethan doesn't waste his time with virgins.

    Ethan and Jane represent what the other fears most, and needs. To Ethan, Jane is both morally pure and capable of loving. She respects his secret passions, passions he has hidden from the world. Ethan is a rake, famous for divorcing his ex-wife for having an affair when the whole world knew he had plenty. Only together can they find completion.

    TOO WICKED TO LOVE is set in the popular regency period and Barbara Dawson Smith does an excellent job portraying this intriguing and important period. Smith's writing is excellent and compells the reader through the novel.

    Three Stars

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