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    THIS IMMORTAL by Roger Zelazny

    Ace Books, 1966

    After the near-destruction of Earth by Vegan invaders, radioactive wastes lead to mass mutations and the re-emergence of old superstitions, superstitions that the mutations often shaped and were shaped by. Conrad Nomikos was an early survivor of such mutations. Born on Christmas day, he is blessed with eternal youth, blessed with the ability to survive while his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren age and die. For him, relations with women can only be ephemeral. Only Hasan, a mercenary from the ancient fight against the Vegans is close to an equal.

    Although Earth fought the Vegans to a standstill, it remains little more than a client state. Vegans visit, purchase everything they find of value, and leave Earth poorer for their visits. Conrad's battle has moved from nuclear terrorism to a more subtle cultural war, but he fights on. The novel depicts a fairly brief moment in Conrad's life--a visit to Earth by a Vegan VIP who has the power to restart the old war, or to further Conrad's life work. Ever the mercenary, Hasan has been hired by someone, but Conrad cannot determine whether Hasan will work with him, or against him. Still, Conrad is not without power. The old powers out of ancient mythology walk Earth again. As an immortal himself, Conrad has some influence over them.

    Roger Zelazny (see all reviews of novels by this author) is one of the great authors of the 1960s and this is one of his early mature works. Like LORD OF LIGHT (see our review), THIS IMMORTAL mixes mythology with Science Fiction to provide a reading experience that appeals to the emotional core of myth. Conrad is a highly sympathetic hero, almost beyond morals in his willingness to sacrifice anything to save the Earth he loves. Zelazny's descriptions of both Earth and Conrad's emotional responses to what he sees add to the reader impact. Fans of Science Fiction will find THIS IMMORTAL to be a timeless treat.

    Four Stars

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