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    Review of MINDWORLDS by Phyllis Gotleib

    TOR, May 2002

    Man has met alien species in space, but greed, corporate corruption, and violence have not been overcome. Even within the Lyhhrt race of telepaths, the theoretical unity of the species is incomplete and factions battle for power.

    GalFed agent Ned Gattes learns of a proposed invasion and arranges to join the mercenaries being assembled. Assisted by his cybernetic-psychic friend Spartakos and a Lyhhrt, he infiltrates the mercenary training base--but then finds himself trapped within a plot to kill everyone including himself. Hasso, a noted archivist, finds himself fascinated by a woman being held captive by her new husband. And Lyhhrt agents battle amongst themselves to recover remnants of the power of the fallen corporation Zamos--maker of clones.

    Author Phyllis Gotlieb puts together a powerfully intriguing set of worlds, peoples, and powers, yet somehow fails to deliver a complete story. Although much is at stake, the novel's emotional intensity falls flat. Until relatively late in the novel, none of the characters seems to have a truly personal stake in the outcome of the battle. Gotlieb's frequent scene shifts end up distracting the reader and make it difficult to follow the plot thread.

    One Star

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