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    RHAPSODY by Elizabeth Haydon

    TOR Fantasy, September 1999/June 2000

    Rhapsody is a Namer--a half-Lirin woman who can create magic by reinforcing a thing's true name. When she adopts an assassin as her brother and re-names him, she frees him from a demon's curse. Together they and his giant partner flee through the great Tree whose roots span the globe to escape from the curse of the demon. When they emerge, thousands of years have past, Rhapsody's world has been completely destroyed, and the three must make their way into a new world where everything is different.

    RHAPSODY is the first of a trilogy of novels about Rhapsody and her partners. The world Elizabeth Haydon (see more reviews of novels by this author) has created owes much to the traditional fantasy genre but builds on it and makes it unique. The destruction/rebirth suffered by the three principle characters as they pass through the center of the world rings of true power. Haydon's writing brings this world to life.

    To fulfill the ancient prophesy (made after the three partners had left the old world), each must take on elemental characteristics. At times, Rhapsody's becomes annoying. Does she really have to be so innocent, so unaware of the impact she has on those all around her?

    RHAPSODY is an exciting introduction to a new world.

    Four Stars

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