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    THE SECRET OF SPRING by Piers Anthony and Jo Anne Taeusch

    Spring Gabriel contains the secret to incredible power--literally. Thanks to the efforts of her father, a magician, whatever man first makes love to Spring will achieve this power. Herb Moss is a cross between a human and a plant and wants to escape his hum-drum life and his hum-drum relationship with Holly. His pen-pal relationship with Spring thrusts him into adventure and a powerful attraction toward a woman forbidden to him.

    Piers Anthony (see other reviews of novels by this author) is one of the most popular Science Fiction/Fantasy writers today and THE SECRET OF SPRING, originally written by Jo Anne Taeusch and then collaborated on by Anthony, reflects his command of the genre. Although it does not achieve the power of some of Anthony's stand-alone works (if you haven't read ON A PALE HORSE you need to do so), THE SECRET OF SPRING is a pun-filled romp that is both a welcome addition to the Anthony canon and a very respectable first novel by Taeusch.

    Two Stars

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