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    Review of GOD OF TRAITORS by Zdravka Evtimova, June 2004

    God of Traitors cover A strange plague sweeps through the city of Jacksonville in Northern Europe. Virtually everyone in the city is temporarily disabled, even hospitalized. Everyone, that is, except a small number of 'reverse effect' people. Because these people aren't harmed by the plague--they seem to benefit from it. The International Investigation Agency sends its top agents to track down the problem--and uncover the connection between the plague and multinational corporation Toys International. But their activities seem hampered--as if someone in the trusted upper reaches of the Agency was sabotaging, even betraying them. And there is a real mystery--because plague notwithstanding, nobody has died in Jacksonville in three years. Something strange is happening, but whether it's for the good or detriment of mankind remains to be seen.

    A billionaire businessman, his too-beautiful mistress, the coldblooded inspector, the hotheaded deputy of the Agency, and a mysterious doctor all become suspects, players, and possible victims as the Internationa Investigation Agency does its best to track down the truth. It doesn't take long before the frustrations of an impossible job stir up old conflicts--and forgotten memories. Nobody is quite who they seem to be, and everyone has at least one secret that they protect with their lives.

    Author Zdravka Evtimova creates a fascinating and just slightly tongue-in-cheek story of strange experiments, odd toys, hard-nosed investigators, and sinister scientists in this science fiction investigative thriller. The pasts that each character brings to the story adds to the emotional complexity and keeps the reader wondering who is behind the plague--and what possible purpose it might serve. If you're looking for near-future SF with just a hint of a horror overtone, it's hard to go wrong with GOD OF TRAITORS.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/10/04

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