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Yesac and Harby strained to see into the foggy mist ahead of the airship. The compass indicated they were heading north. There was a landmass on the starboard side, and nothing but open sea to port. They were cruising along nicely. The Judy seemed to be completely airworthy, despite the apparent happenings of the past few days. Checks showed no signs of the damage suffered from the harpoon incident, nor their crash into the forest just before being taken aboard the Dama.

"Unless I am mistaken, that little jut of land on that point should be Inya City." Harby pointed with his right hand, his left on a chart spread before him.

All peered in that direction, but none saw Inya City, or any semblance of a town, or even native huts that would pass as a village. In fact, there was no sign of any life in that area, save a few shorebirds playing in the surf.

The crew and their passengers, nine in all, gathered in the nav room. Harby sat in the pilot's seat while the others crowded in and around as room would permit. It was a tight squeeze, but all were eager to discuss their situation. Gourd occupied the second seat, and sat with his head back and eyes closed. His brother, Dane stood next to him.

"Where did you say we are?" asked Kev.

"I think I must be mistaken..." Harby continued, still peering ahead, "...unless... no, there is the river and the same rock formations... and the way the river bends up towards..." He turned to look at the others in surprise.

"Just what the devil is going on here?" He looked from one face to the other. "This just can't be! Inya City has disappeared!"

"Or never was," said Gourd. His eyes were still closed.

"Now what's that supposed to mean?" asked Kev.

"Yeah, I wanna know what's happened to us!" exclaimed Bilsan.

"What about the Dama?" asked Jin.

Gourd sat up and opened his eyes. His gaze went from face to face, and then looked off into the distance. "Then it is so!" he exclaimed. "I knew it, yet somehow... its just so fantastic! Even when you know something exists... even if you've never seen it. But now..."

"What is he talking about?" asked Bilsan.

Gourd reacted by turning to Bilsan and looking him square in the eye. "Why, parallel universes of course! Time travel, and multi dimensions that make time and space essentially traversable to one who holds the secret."

"But that was where Inya City stood just a few weeks ago," said Harby. "I'm sure of it."

Gourd turned to Harby, his eyes wide now and his breathing harder. "No," he said, "No it wasn't exactly there, Harby. Not in the sense that you experienced it a few weeks ago."

Kev shook his head and said "C'mon man, talk sense. What are you trying to say, that we somehow slipped into another dimension?" Gourd stepped forward. "What other explanation can there be? Just look! The mountains, the river, the beach... all exactly like Inya City only there is no Inya City!"

By this time they were suspended over the little plateau that should have been the airship docks. It looked as though no city had ever existed there. Only lush forest and vegetation below. There were no roads leading down to the riverfront where there should have been sturdy wharves with sailing vessels tied. Instead, fields of flowers and grasses led down to a marshy area where herons and seagulls were the only living things to be seen.

Jin spoke, "If it was the Dooda," she asked Gourd. "...I mean if it brought us here, do you think we can use it to get back?"

Gourd sat back again, closed his eyes and began a narrative. "Multi-dimensional time-space theory is sometimes simply compared to a two-dimensional world. Two-dimensional worlds can coexist like pages in a book, touching each other in a sense, yet not interfering with each other. But three-dimensional universes coexist in a very special way. An analogy might be the petals of a rose, each nestled in and around each other. Each is very similar to its neighbor, but not exactly like its neighbor. At any given time the rose petals can exist anyplace, so long as it is not in exactly the same place as another petal at the same time.

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